We live here. We live with the changing seasons; the stormy autumns, the sunny summers, the dark winters, the early springs. Most of our suppliers live here as well, and the ingredients they provide us with, grow here, live here. Every season has it’s special treat, its worth-waiting-for. We try to forward as much of this to you as we possibly can. It may be the wild blackberries and mushrooms of the autumn, the Jerusalem artichokes and purple sprouting broccoli of the winter, the asparagus and rhubarb of the spring, and all the herbs, fruits and vegetables of the summer harvest.

In February we are part of the Rye Scallop Festival, an annual feast dedicated to the lovely, local mulluscs. Here, at the Landgate bistro, we tend to serve them in a variety of ways during this particular week, and throughout their season.

All images on this website are @ Nilla Westin