It’s in the kitchen it all starts. Stocks slowly simmering in pots, meats and fish being slow-cooked, sauces reducing in the pans, or vegetables being gently cooked off to order.

Our food is British, with a classic or modern slant. Some bistro favourites you will find on our menu all year around, while other dishes changes with season.

You will start your meal with our own sourdough bread. Late every evening, we set a ‘starter’ to froth naturally, and the morning after, flour is added. During the day it proves slowly and eventually comes steaming hot from the oven at the time the restaurant opens.

We also make all the puddings ourselves – and that includes the pastry, the icecream and sorbets. That way we know they contain no mixes or factory-made bases, but real cream, butter and milk, free range eggs, fresh fruit and berries, real vanilla, and quality chocolate. We are passionate about food. We know you are too.

All photos on this website are © Nilla Westin