Being close to the sea and surrounded by woodlands, fields and a vast marsh, it feels natural to source our ingredients from the fishermen, farmers, foragers and hunters of East Sussex and Kent.

Our fish and seafood is, really, what was caught in the nets by the fishermen by the south coast of England. Depending on the season – and the weather – it may be Lemon Sole, Cod, Scallops, Squid and the odd Gurnard (the latter being the fish which has lent its tail to our logo). All year round, our forager brings his latest finds of mushrooms, wild herbs and berries.

The lamb on our menu has lived off the slightly salty grass of the Romney Marsh, which gives the meat an unique flavour. Our game, which may be rabbit, venison, pigeon or mallard, have roamed the woodlands in the area.

We also use vegetables, free range eggs, milk and cream from farms up the road. Martin, our chef, grows some herbs, quinces, berries and edible flowers on his allotment and in our back garden. Local producers provide us with spring water, ale, cider and even a few local wines.

All photos on this website are © Nilla Westin