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Sample Cheese Menu.  £2.50 per piece, served with biscuits and chutney.


Hard and semi-hard cheeses


During maturation the rind is washed with brine and has a scattering of Egyptian mint to give the cheese a sweeter finish. Texture is silky, semi-soft, and the flavour spicy.

Ancient Ashmore

Handmade and unpasteurised in Kent, a full-flavoured cheese with a creamy texture and a natural bite.

Winterdale Smoked

From North Downs, Kent, this is a cloth-wrapped cheese matured in caves for at least 6 months, then smoked.

Celtic Promise

A rind-washed cheese made from unpasteurised cow’s milk in Wales and matured in Cider in Surrey. The cider gives it a distinctive orange rind and fruity smell.

Blue cheeses

Isle of Wight Blue

A handmade Guernsey pasteurised milk cheese, with a natural mould. It has a tangy but ­mellow flavour.

Kentish Blue

A 12-week matured blue cheese, hard, balanced and with a good depth of flavour.

Soft cheeses


An unpasteurised, vegetarian Coulommiers type Cheese, handmade from fresh Jersey cow milk in South Devon.


Produced in Hampshire, this soft-centred floral and intense cow’s cheese has a bloomy rind.